Outdoor Lighting 101


Trying to install an outdoor lighting system without a custom tailored lighting design is like trying to build a house without a set of architectural plans. Unfortunately, that’s exactly how many landscape and lighting companies go about installing their outdoor lighting systems. The end result of this random light placement is an inconsistent look that does not properly showcase the architectural or landscape features of the property.

At Halo Outdoor, we use our years of experience and deep portfolio of work to create the perfect lighting design for your project. The end result is a clean and consistent look that will bring out the beauty of your home at night. This is the Halo Outdoor difference.


At Halo Outdoor, we believe our reputation is only as good as the quality of our work. For that reason, we use only the finest lighting fixtures on the market from industry leading manufacturers. Our fixtures are built from solid brass and stainless steel to provide the perfect balance of beauty and durability!

While our competitors sell cheap, thinly stamped brass, aluminum or even plastic fixtures, we prefer to provide our customers with fixtures that are built to stand the test of time. Our heavy duty fixtures are cast from solid Brass with pre-greased Beryllium copper lamp sockets and advanced LED lamps. This robust combination can withstand rust and corrosion, as well as the various elements associated with the outdoors. Remember, it’s not only how beautiful the finish is on the outside, but also what is underneath that counts. At Halo Outdoor, we view lighting fixtures as a long term investment.


An outdoor lighting system can utilize the finest lighting fixtures in the world and still produce mediocre results if not installed properly. That’s why Halo Outdoor utilizes the safest, most efficient techniques for installing low voltage lighting systems.

A top notch installation starts with top notch employees. Our highly skilled installation team has years of experience with a wide variety of low voltage lighting applications. We don’t take shortcuts, which is why our custom installations look as good during the day as they do at night.

Fixture placement is of paramount importance when creating a landscape lighting scene. This is an art that takes years to master. Whether it’s strategically placing down lights to create that much desired moonlight effect or core drilling deck lights into a retaining wall to create stunning accent lighting, the installation of each fixture is well thought out for maximum beauty and performance.

Our installations incorporate commercial-grade 12 gauge wire and silicone filled water-proof connectors. Our automatic timers and stainless steel transformers are of the highest quality and designed for hassle free operation. These heavy duty components, combined with our superior installation techniques, will help insure that your lighting system will function properly for years to come.