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Platinum Mosquito Can Control Mosquitos at Your Home

The mosquito control experts at Platinum Mosquito have extensive experience protecting homes and businesses in Boca Raton, FL and the surrounding area. We know how annoying mosquitos can be, but more importantly, we understand how dangerous they can be. Whether you are hosting a neighborhood gathering in your backyard or entertaining people at a local dining establishment, you deserve peace of mind that your guests are protected from the irritations mosquitos can cause and the diseases they can carry. Platinum Mosquito is the area’s expert on mosquito misting systems, so call us today to learn how one can help you or your business.

Our Experts Perform Various Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitos do not discriminate. They will show up at your cookout, crash a first date, or fly around your pool party threatening anyone seeking a relaxing day in the sun. Our team noticed how effective mosquito misting systems can be at eliminating the pests’ presence. So, for nearly two decades, we have been sharing the solution with neighbors and customers throughout South Florida. Our mosquito control services include:

  • Home Misting Systems: Mosquitos can quickly turn a day you intended to spend outdoors into an afternoon spent on the couch inside. Do not let these pests rob you of your leisure time in the fresh air. Platinum Mosquito offers automatic home misting systems that use a timer to release liquid insecticide strategically. This approach ensures long-lasting results so that you can enjoy the sunshine.
  • Commercial Mosquito Misting Systems: Business owners and homeowners are equally vulnerable to mosquitos. Much of the fun associated with running a restaurant or activity company in Florida is reliant on the year-round good weather that allows you and your customers to spend time outside. To make sure everyone can enjoy a safe outing at your location, we offer commercial mosquito spray systems that prevent mosquitos from crashing the party.
  • Equine Misting Systems: If you own stables or pets in Palm Beach County, you need to protect the animals from mosquitos, too. A day spent on the trails or in the fields exposes them to mosquitos, ticks, and various other flying insects. To safeguard against any diseases or problems, Platinum Mosquito provides horse mosquito misting systems using exceptional products from industry-leading equine products company Pyranha, Inc.
  • System Installation: The mosquito control systems we provide in Boca Raton, FL work seamlessly and discreetly, but that is partially a result of our expert installation technicians. We will customize your system to fit into your design concepts without being obtrusive. A complex network of spray nozzles emits timed releases of liquid insecticide to protect your whole property.
  • System Maintenance: If you ever need repairs for your residential or commercial mosquito misting system, Platinum Mosquito’s team will gladly visit to perform them – even if you got your system from another company. We also refill your insecticide tank for so that you can rest assured your solution will be there when you need it.

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The weather is among Florida’s most alluring characteristics. It allows you and your family to spend time outside during all seasons. But the warmth also attracts mosquitos. Fortunately, Platinum Mosquito is proud to be your partner in Boca Raton to help ensure the pests do not disrupt your activities. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about our mosquito control systems.

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