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Mosquito Misting Systems in Coconut Grove, FL

Protection from Mosquitos

Platinum Mosquito Protection is proud of our history of making sure homes and businesses throughout Coconut Grove, FL have protection from mosquitos and other insects. We’ve spent over 15 years helping property owners keep pesky insects away from their outdoor spaces with discreet and effective mosquito misting systems. Mosquitos can be an aggravating disturbance to your time outside, and their bites can be more than red, itchy bumps. These insects can also carry diseases that they pass onto the humans and animals from which they feed. Instead of enduring these flying nuisances and getting bitten on your legs, arms, and face, let us supply you with a mosquito control system that safely kills mosquitos and other insects using a timed release of a non-hazardous liquid insecticide. Our misting systems are highly effective, and we install them so that they blend in with the surrounding aesthetic. Residents of the Sunshine State don’t have to deal with the incessant buzzing and biting with year-round protection from our automatic mosquito misting systems.

Mosquito Control Services for Outdoor Spaces

People in Florida deserve relief from harmful insects invading their backyards and patios. Many home and business owners have a home remedy or late-night shopping network gimmick the repel mosquitos, but they’re typically ineffective, and some can be hazardous to their health. Platinum Mosquito Protection’s proven mosquito misting systems offer homes and businesses freedom from mosquitos and other insects in their outdoor spaces. We can install our mosquito control systems in a variety of property types, from suburban neighborhoods to bustling restaurant patios. You can depend on us for any of the following options:

  • Home Mosquito Misting Systems – A game of catch or summer get-together with friends and neighbors in the backyard can be quickly ruined by a cloud of blood-thirsty mosquitos. Get protection around your home with an automatic mosquito misting system to fend off these flying and feeding pests. Your family and guests can relax and enjoy fun under the sun without red, itchy bites and intrusive fly-bys buzzing around their faces. Our misting systems are highly effective, and we install them discreetly so that they don’t become an unsightly blemish against your home’s aesthetic.
  • Commercial Mosquito Misting Systems – With a commercial mosquito spray system, you can protect your customers, visitors, and staff from intrusive insects putting a damper on their outdoor shopping, dining, and other activities. A mosquito problem at your business can hinder customers from visiting your location. An automatic mosquito misting system can help you retain your regular customers and attract new patrons. You and your visitors get proven protection from mosquitos and other insects without using harmful chemicals, keeping your outdoor space safe and comfortable.
  • Horse Mosquito Misting Systems – Horses, dogs, and other animals are just as susceptible to bites from mosquitos and other flying pests, and they deserve the same relief as humans. With an automatic horse mosquito misting system, you can safeguard your equine pets from irritating bites and potential diseases. Our professional team can set up misting systems in coops, stables, and kennels to eliminate harmful and annoying insects where your animals make their homes. The time-released non-hazardous insecticide keeps horses, dogs, and other pets calm and comfortable.
  • System Installations and Maintenance – While a mosquito control system might seem complex, our team installs them quickly and efficiently to guard your home or business against insects. The misting system consists of a motor, pump, reservoir drum, and a network of nozzles that we strategically place around your property to spray a liquid insecticide made with natural and synthetic forms of pyrethrum. Your system may need attention from time to time, and our maintenance services keep your system in top working condition, from refilling the tank to making minor repairs.

Get a Misting System from Platinum Mosquito Protection

Platinum Mosquito Protection wants you to enjoy year-round safety and comfort at your home or business in the Sunshine State. Contact us today to get a free consultation, and we’ll install an automatic mosquito misting system to protect your outdoor spaces from intrusive insects.

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